With a little help from my friends

In November 2018, I made the big decision to write a book with the intention of publishing it.

The stories I’ve been writing for years are very rough. I wrote them for my enjoyment, not worrying about grammar, punctuation or anything you need to correct prior to publishing.

While writing For the Love of Us, I paid attention to the rules of writing as best I could. Correcting as I went and getting advice from anyone willing to give it.

The entire writing process has opened my eyes to everything authors do to publish a book. It’s unlike anything I’ve tried before with a learning curve that seemed impossible to climb.

I was ready to give up, feeling as if writing a book was more than I was able to accomplish.

The fear of failure is not something I’m familiar with. I am a competitor through and through. Nothing can stop me once I set a goal. I’ll never quit until I reach the finish line. I attack life knowing I will win… but not this time.

I became overwhelmed and ready to give into my fears. It was the easy way out, cut my losses and move on.

When I reached the peak of my frustration, my friends in the romance book world rallied around me. They answered the questions swirling around my brain, even when I didn’t know enough to ask them correctly. Their support and positive energy gave me exactly what I needed to move forward with my quest to publish a book I can be proud of.

I compare what they did to help to the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Well, it takes a whole village of supportive friends to publish a book and I love my village of friends.

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