So you wrote a book. Now what?

Simple answer for me. I start writing the next story that’s been floating around and talking to me for the last year.

But just writing is only part of the answer as I learned while writing, For the Love of Us.

My check list for book 2

1) Have an idea. Ok, I have that one covered and I hope it’s a story you’ll enjoy.

2) Write it, Ok, I’m doing that too.

3) Don’t forget I need an editor. Better get on that now since her schedule will fill up quickly and I don’t want just any editor. I want my editor.

4) Figure out how to pay for the publishing expenses again because earning royalties from that first book is not easy and may never bring me into an actual profit. This is where the love of what I doing comes in.

If you are writing, putting all your effort into publishing a well crafted, edited, and formatted book, with the intention of it being the next great novel, then good for you. Here’s to hoping your wishes comes true.

For me, if luck were to shine down upon me and reward me with such a gift, I would accept it with open arms. But expecting that gift would only lead me to frustration and heartache. I still want to write. It’s hard, expensive and fun.

So I’m starting again. Thankfully I have a supporter who believes in me enough to foot the bill for my publishing expenses for book #2.

He’s been with me for more than half my life and loves to make me smile.

Hubby requires two things in return for his investment.

One has to do with the book and it’s a secret.

The other one, foot rubs and back massages.

I think it’s a fair deal. Only now my keyboard is a little oily from the massage oil.

I tend to have some really great ideas come to me after a good rub down and
I don’t want to forget them.


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