Learning is a Lifelong Process

If you’ve been following my journey, you know writing my first book wasn’t an easy process.

I still have a lot to learn. Ugh, forty-nine years old and I feel like I’m back in school. The place I hated the most while growing up and did everything I could to avoid.

Let me backup a bit. Growing up a multi-sport athlete, I was more concerned with playing a game than was with my schoolwork. I’m positive I was capable of being an ‘A’ student, but never put forth the effort necessary to be successful in the classroom. My claim to fame was being the top athlete in my school.

I could make a hundred excuses why school was secondary to sports, but I can’t change what I did in the past, only learn from it.

Being an athlete wasn’t a complete loss. Participating in sports taught me many important lessons. Like how to work as a team, goal setting, perseverance, work hard for what you want, responsibility, commitment and passion. These traits have helped push me through the tough times, like writing my book.

After graduating from high school, I made the choice to start a career in lieu of attending college. It was considered a viable option many years ago.

I’ve always felt inferior to those who have a college degree. I make grammatical errors and at times use words incorrectly, making me self-conscious when writing. This was and is still an obstacle for me.

However, what I lack in having a higher education, I make up in life experience and desire to be the best at everything I do.

Am I the best? Absolutely not. Am I trying to be the best? Damn right I am. If you aren’t trying to be the best, why do it?

Wow talk about learning from your mistakes. Guess I could have used this little pep talk in grade school. Then again, my life would be completely different, and regrets don’t move you forward in life, only hold you back.

So, I’m a student all over again. It’s my do-over and this time around I’m prepared to put in the effort required to reach my new goals.

~Kaylee Rose xoxo


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