2019 My Year in Review, part 2

It’s September 9, 2019 and my book, For the Love of Us, is out there for anybody to read, judge and review. Oh no, the reviews.

Actually the reviews weren’t something I focused on beyond using the details, positive and negative to get better.

Relatable was the common theme amongst the reviews and messages I’ve received. They could see their own relationship and struggles in Callie’s story. An empty nester wanting to be desired by her husband again. That right there gave me a sense of satisfaction I never felt before. I hoped readers would be able to connect with my characters and story, but you never know until you put it out for the world to see. I’ve done just that, and it feels great.

The rush of release week passed and now promoting and sharing my book is moving along. What’s next? Write another book of course. Sounds easy, but writing is anything but easy.

Whereas Callie and Brad had a piece of my life floating within the pages, my new story is 100% fiction. This means creating characters from scratch and many new techniques to learn before this book can get off the ground.

Unfortunately, the impatient person that I am thought this would be a breeze and I got way ahead of myself. I dove in and sent 2 chapters to my editor without having any real structure or plan. Silly newbie author move. Thankfully my editor has the patience I’ll never have and told me to slow down. Slow way down and get it right. That’s exactly what I’ve done.

Moving through the final days of 2019 weren’t anything special on the book front. I wrote, rewrote and started again. I will concede to many mistakes during my indie publishing process. However, each mistake is a learning experience which I will use to get better with each chapter of my life.

I’m only in the prologue of my writing adventure. I have a long way to go before I must type The End. I plan to enjoy the journey for a long long time.

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