Day One: Ruby Mountain Nevada

Well we all start somewhere right? Our first stop was at Ruby Mountain Nevada. We slept at an altitude of 7521 feet. Hiking was tough since I live slightly below sea level just blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

Each post will be a day or two behind considering Wi-Fi isn’t always available. I’m actually typing this on my phone so please forgive any typos.

After setting up our tent, hubby got a fire going and grilled the nest steaks, corn, and potatoes I’ve have in years.

I climbed into the sleeping bag and slept sort of comfortably. Hubby stayed up with his telescope checking for Venus and Mats. Pictures coming soon

Morning came and I made coffee with my new travel pot and solar power bank. Next came our big hike

The hike up to see the top of the waterfall was beautiful but turned my pasty white, pale cheeks bright red quickly.

We even saw snow at about 8000 feet up.

After hitting my limit , we turned back and stopped in the shade for a quick lunch break. Sure it’s a smash-wich but after hiking, food is all you’re looking for. Plus there’s no room for containers because as my son reminds me, ounces equal pounds in a pack. I used my extra ounces for our mascots Pooh and DZ.

The rushing water was peaceful giving me the energy to make it to the bottom easily.?

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the second half of our Ruby Mountain stay.

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