Kaylee’s Road Trip 2023

Come Join Me On My Adventure

In June 2014, my husband decided I needed to leave my comfort zone and travel beyond the California border. He bought a new Ram 1500 truck, loaded it up with gear, told me to get in, and off we went on our first road trip.

This year we’ll be traveling through California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Maybe we’ll clip Four Corners and do the touristy things of standing in four states at once. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to taste some delicious and famous cuisine with New Mexico chilies. Our final destination is Boulder City, Nevada—where Micha and Caroline from Payoff Pitch grew up.
If you follow us on our trip, be prepared for some deep musings, pictures, videos, and a little silliness thrown in for fun.
As Ellie and Carl from Disney’s Up have taught us, adventure is out there.
Find a way to make others smile, and in return, find your happy place in this great big world while you can.


  • Day Two and Three: Ruby Mountain, Nevada to Strawberry Bay Lodge, Utah
    After that amazing hike up and down Ruby Mountain, I passed out in the tent. I’d set it up under the shade of few tree branches so I was good to go for a restful nap. That is until the sun was directly overhead turned my tent into a sauna. Waking up sweating from the blazing heat, I climbed out only to find all sorts of flying bugs biting me up in … Read more
  • Day One: Ruby Mountain Nevada
    Well we all start somewhere right? Our first stop was at Ruby Mountain Nevada. We slept at an altitude of 7521 feet. Hiking was tough since I live slightly below sea level just blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Each post will be a day or two behind considering Wi-Fi isn’t always available. I’m actually typing this on my phone so please forgive any typos. After setting up our tent, hubby got a … Read more


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