Forever Blue excerpt

Helen’s Diner excerpt

“I’m pretty sure I know what Lance wants.” She winks at me. Does she mean dessert or something else?

“Yep, same as always. I’ll take a chocolate banana milkshake. Thanks, Helen.”

“You got it. I’ll be right back.” She pushes the cart into the back and shouts our order to Al loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear. Maybe her hearing is a little worse for wear after all.

The bond between Lance and Rory I first witnessed in Leslie’s apartment was solidified over dessert. Lance shared a childhood story about how he and his dad would order a milkshake after boy scout meetings. When Rory asked for a taste of his shake, she decided she loved it and asked if he wanted to trade.

With those puppy dog eyes pleading for Lance to switch, he was a goner. Without hesitation, he slid the large glass over to Rory.

She used the long skinny spoon to scoop some of the ice cream from the bottom just as Lance had but was unsuccessful, spilling some on her shirt and dribbling more down her chin.

A few bites later, Rory looks across the table to Lance. “Want some?”

There were two straws. She points one at Lance and sips from the other.

Trying to be stealthy, I snap a picture of Lance and Rory sharing their shake. Their foreheads almost touching while they each sipped from their straws was too good of a moment to miss. Lance caught me but only grinned around the straw.

Is it too much to hope my world will always be filled with this much joy?

Rose, Kaylee. Forever Blue (The Weight of the Badge Book 2) . Red’s Bookshelf Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Forever Blue available through Amazon and is on Kindle Unlimited

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